c3junkie.com Docter optic and Burris Fastfire
top cover for the Uzi review

2/2008 this mount has been upgraded and now works with 4.0 moa Burris Fastfire as well as the Docter Optic 7.0 and 3.5 moa red dot sights. A good thing has only gotten better as this new mount uses the Burris Fastfire bases which have the position retaining pin holes so your optic will always keep it's zero if you have to remove it and put it back on the mount.
I intended this page to serve as a review of the c3junkie.com docter optics top cover for the Uzi family of firearms. After putting the pictures up I realized it really speaks for itself. So the only thing I'm going to say is that I that it works perfectly and I look forward to buying my next one for my full size Uzi when it arrives. If I had 3 thumbs I'd raise them all. Great product amphibian thank you!

The optic pictured is a Docter 3.5 moa red dot sight.
Mini Uzi SMG with c3junkie top cover
Docter Optic 7.0 moa red dot sight as the operator would see it. You can also use iron sights while the red dot is mounted.
White background.
Welded on tight this isn't moving an inch.
Top cover and mount without optic
From the top with optic mounted
From the front
Perfect profile that fits the Mini Uzis curves